Clinics We Offer

General Clinics

General clinics are held daily, Monday to Friday, for dressings, ear syringing, vaccinations, removal of stiches etc.

All clinics are held by appointment and every effort is made to keep to time. However, urgent treatment in emergencies may have to take priority.

Asthma & Spirometry Clinic

Asthma clinics are run during the week and designed to help asthmatics gain maximum control of their asthma. Please phone for an appointment.


Run by our fully trained family planning nurses who can give contraceptive advice. All forms of contraception are available including the fitting of intrauterine devices (coils), the insertion of the sub-cutaneous implant (implanon) and emergency contraception.

Cervical Smears

These are recommended at three yearly intervals from ages 25 years to 49 years and every five years from 50 years to 65 years. To allow greater flexibility for our patients’ needs, cervical smear tests are performed Monday, Tuesday and Friday morning in the smear clinics, or at the Well Woman Clinic. Please inform the receptionist if you are making an appointment for a smear test as a lengthier consultation is allowed for.

Coronary Heart Disease Clinic

This clinic is run by the nurse. Patients are identified either from their medical history or family history and are invited to attend. Advice on lifestyle, exercise and diet is given in this clinic.


These are run on a Tuesday & Friday afternoon for the treatment of verruccas, warts and skin lesions.


Pre-diabetic Clinic

This is run by the Health Care Assistants. A week before the appointment with the diabetic nurse, weight, blood pressure, and feet are checked and a blood test carried out.

Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is run during the week. Monitoring and advice is given in order to help prevent long term complications of this condition.


For patients on Warfarin testing and result carried out on site appointments available each day at Polegate.


Home Visits

Blood tests, Warfarin testing, pre-diabetic and pre-asthma checks can be arranged for the housebound. These are arranged by doctor referral only and are carried out on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning by the Health Care Assistant.


This clinic is run for the taking of blood tests each day at Polegate Surgery.


Sexual Health

All aspects of sexual health for males and females. This includes a full consultation (males will be seen by a male doctor), Chlamydia testing (carried out on site) and blood tests where necessary.

Smoking Cessation

This clinic gives advice and support, to assist smokers become ex-smokers.


Well Woman Clinic

These clinics are held during the week. Cervical smears are performed and general health advice and education including self examination of breasts, menopausal problems and queries relating to pre-menstrual tension will be dealt with.

Maternity Services

Please note if you are newly pregnant you can register for maternity services on-line via Alternatively you can contact the Community Midwives at Hampden Park on Tel: 01323 514366.

Other Clinics

Clinics for the following are also held in the surgery:

  • COPD
  • Leg Ulcer 
  • Menopause
  • Ear Microsuction